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Save your breathe to cool your porridge

Below are the 25 most recent journal entries.


  2008.03.24  19.34


I’ve been called sensitive before, I use to take offense but I realize I am, and I love bening sensitive.  It has its various pros and cons.


I can be very emotional, and the smallest change in the wind can cause me great stress and sadness.

I am so sensitive I can die from sadness, and I’ve come dangerously close a few times.

Sometimes I become very wrapped up in nostalgia.  I even miss things that have never happened, people I have never met.  I’ll sit and miss a great friend who always said the right things and did the right things, then I remember they even existed and I miss them even more.


I can be very emotional, and the smallest change in the wind can make cause me great happiness and enjoyment.

I feel emersed in my surroundings and everyone I meet. 

I can feel the world spin, but it doesn’t make me nauseous, it makes me feel hazy and light headed, but in a good way.  Like when you were a kid and you would stand in one spot and spin until you fell down on the grass dizzy, laughing as the sky still spun above you.


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  2008.01.07  19.45

I feel horrible.  I didn't even know it was possible for someone to feel as shitty as I feel right now.  Whoever said that the soul doesn't exist has never felt this pain.  It has to be coming from in my soul.  Something inside of it must be broken.  Wow, I've never felt this way before.  It actually feels like something tangible is weighing me down.  The song Laura Laurent comes to mind.  I heard a version where in the beginning he says the song is about a girl that was soo sad she couldn't even stand.  Thats how I feel.  Maybe I need a self help book.  Like "What to Expect when you're Expecting" but instead of being tips on how to avoid morning sickness, it would be filled with tips on how to fix your soul.  Or maybe "Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul", but instead of sad stories about dead dogs, or dogs who saved babies, it would be Chicken Soup for the Soul that Hates Chicken Noodle Soup...


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  2007.01.03  14.46


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  2006.11.21  23.02

Hello World.  Today is a sad day for music.  The great Rap artist known as K-LEM is no more.  His alter-ego, Kevin Young, has decided to put down the boom box and hard-core gangsta lyrics.  Hes going to pursue spoken word, but its just not going to be the same without  K-LEM.  So if in memory of K-LEM, we should put our favorite K-LEM memory.  Mine is simply the verse "My name is K-LEMesis, and I'm the only male in Manchester thats a femenist!" I think its awesomeness pretty much speaks for itself.  please visit Myspace.com/kpower and remind K-LEM why we need him.

K-LEM 2005-2006 We'll miss you!


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  2006.11.13  16.27

EVERYBODY: go to    www.lomohomes.com/McNaryagogo    this has my pictures on it.  Go to "Mission Submissions" and then on the site tell me what you think of my pictures, I can win a camera if alot of people like my pictures.


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  2006.11.07  14.53

         So...last night I hung out with some FLA kids...fuckin wierd man.  First we went bowling, that part was ok, I mean they kept talking about All American Rejects and Lifehouse, but I said "eh", what ever.  
               Then in the parking lot, they kept re enacting scenes from Clerks 2.  I was like "wierd", but still, it was ok.

              Its 12am, then they say "hey! you guys, lets go to Wally World!" and I'm like "what the fuck is Wally World?" and some looks me in face and goes "Wal-Mart! duh!" no lie.  So in the ride over I told the girl that in CT alot of people don't even like shopping at Wal-Mart due to its cruelty to its female employees.  her reaction "really? wierd." then we get to Wal-Mart, and we stay there until 2:50am.  I was so embarrassed.  It was the biggest waste of time.  When they dropped me off at my car the whole drive home I was like "fuckin losers, are you kidding me!" just venting my fustration.  it was fuckin nuts.


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  2006.10.31  23.01


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  2006.10.31  20.00

Soo, just got home from work.  Attractive co-workers make it hard for me to concentrate on sweeping popcorn off the floor.  So its holloween, happy holloween everybody.  Peaches is coming to FL next month, so thats gonna be pretty damn amazing.  I don't know if Julia likes Peaches, but I don't want to go by myself.  Its not too fun going to good shows by yourself. 


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  2006.10.31  00.43

Wow, so I haven't updated in a while.  I think I'm going to start posting again.  
  So currently I'm working at the local movie theatre.  Florida's getting better, but its still awkward and wierd because none of my best friends are here with me.  The movie theater job is really cool though.
   So this is like the first time in my life where I haven't been infatuated with someone.  I'm usually always crushing on someone, but not recently, its refreshing in a way.
   So I'm not in school yet, and I feel that film is such a competitive feild and all these other shmucks are gonna have a head-start on me, and what not.  But I really can't picture myself doing anything with my life that has nothing to do with film or anything.  I start school in January and I plan on focusing on Film and Creative writing, I feel it suits me.

Mood: nostalgic

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  2006.07.11  16.46

Once upon a time a little girl, about 4 years old, went to the dentist. The dentist was some eastern european women with a thick russian or german accent, the little girl couldn't tell. The dentist made the little girl's mother sit outside, and then when the little girl started crying, she told the little girl if she didn't stop crying she would have to stay there and would not be able to leave again.

The dentist decided the little girl was to rowdy, so they tied her down to the table, and continued their work. When the little girl's mom found out what happened, they quickly switched dentists. As the little girl got older, this event traumatized her. Everytime she sat in a dentist chair she would start crying uncontrollably. Now at the age of seventeen as she was sitting and crying at the dentist office, the kind dentist man wrote her out a perscription for valium to take before appointments...bless him.

****************************BY THE WAY*******************************
joke about a different little girl

A child molester and a little girl were walking deep into the woods one night, it was very dark.
The little girl goes "Mister, I'm scared! Its so dark and creepy out here!" The child molester says "How do you think I feel? I have to walk back alone!"

Oh yeah... I went there.


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  2006.06.27  20.35

So I am now in FL...its boring so far, don't know anybody.

I just watched Lost and Delirious for the first time. Why didn't I know about this movie sooner? I really liked it, alot. It has Piper Perabo who is also in Imagine Me and You, which I also love.

Lost and Delirious was great, but it kinda of made me scared of love. I mean Piper's character in the movie turns crazy from love. I don't know, love seems crazy, and hard.

I think I've only truly been in love once, I mean I say it to alot of girls, but I really don't mean it. I know that when I said to people it wasn't really love because the feeling only last for a little while, but the one person that I've actually been in love with, the feelings started a while ago, and I still feel this way now. I'm sure they know how I feel, but I've never told them, just not ready. If anything would of started it wouldn't of lasted past christmas.

Shes amazing though.


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  2006.01.03  19.10

Right now I am in Tampa visiting my mother, the other day I ate an orange that I picked myself off of the orange tree in my mother's yard, it was sour it made my tounge numb for an hour. Its too hot for me. I've gone gator hunting a few times, but no luck. My goal is to be chased by gator, then maybe if I'm lucky I can wrestle one. They got em out in the lakes near my gramma's house. wish me luck. I I've been to the movies quite often since I've been down here. The other day I saw Munich, and I loved it, it was really good, its like my favorite so far, EVERYONE GO SEE IT!


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  2005.12.14  21.33

Hey, we just had our computer cleaned out and all of my Rufus Wainwright was erased. Could someone please upload some songs, and I would also like to hear some of Martha's stuff, because I haven't heard anything by her yet. Thanks in advanced!


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  2005.12.03  17.53

I'm not even gonna justify that by commenting to it.


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  2005.12.03  00.38

just got home. after track I moped around since my friends ditched our plans for today. So I called up Abby and found out she was having the same problem. We decided fuck our friends, we'll fun anyways, and Abby, Billy and I went to go see Rent, it was Billys first time and Abby and my second. It was just as good the secong time as the first.I still cried when Angel died. Tomorrow I have SATs then afterwards...not sure yet. Don't know what I'm Sunday yet, The Hokanson's invited me over to help decorate their tree, which would be great because my mom was really into xmas, but now shes gone, so it will remind me of her. I think I will go because Abby thinks I'm replacing her with track, and its not true.


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  2005.11.17  14.00

ok, so I'm going to start having random get-togethers,

First on will be a Traitors Night, hopefully to happen begining of December. This will celebrate the death of famous triators, Guy Fawkes, Benedict Arnold, The Rosebergs. There can be food, maybe a movie, and hopefully a bon-fire, music, this idea is stolen from the celebration of Guy Fawkes day by Great Britian, if anybody has any other ideas or little details to make traitors day, awesome, maybe a snazzy nickname, let me know.


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  2005.11.13  23.32

Indigo Girls-Romeo and Juliet
Indigo Girls- Closer to Fine



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  2005.10.29  15.46

Last night was the holloween party, everybody came and I had a really good time. Chris Hickey was the main event and I'm so glad he came! Krista was a shark and I liked her outfit alot. Abbey was little red riding hood, she and my cousin Ahmad spent the night. We all had to lay crook-a-dilly to make sure that we all fit. It was fun though and I had a really good night. Abeey left in the morning to go to a wedding, my cousin said she told him that I talked in my sleep. Don't believe a word of it.


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  2005.10.28  00.00

I was having a very "ugh" day today, then Abby and I went to the soccer game, and it made me feel so happy, because it was Senior Night and they gave us these bags filled with all this stuff. And just all the candy and toys and the flower and chilling there and laughing all night with Abby just made me feel so happy and loved. I like that feeling.


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  2005.10.19  06.46

1984 by George Orwell

In the novel “1984”, by George Orwell, Winston Smith is the main character living in a utopian society where everyone is being constantly watched by the government. This story takes place in London, known Airstrip One, in the year of 1984. They speak English, but one with less words, where the vocabulary gets smaller everyday, its called Newspeak. Winston works for the Fiction Department in the Ministry of Truth, a section of the Government, erasing and rewriting documents that contradict the party’s belief. Everyone here dresses the same, and the main objective is to have them think the same too. If someone has any thoughts against the party, or anything-negative feeling towards the Party, they are convicted of Thought Crime. Winston doesn’t believe in any of the party’s values, but he doesn’t speak out, he just continues to do his job, but he doesn’t believe in what he does. Having personal thoughts and writing things is also punishable. Winston thinks one of his co-workers, O’Brien is a member of the Brotherhood, an underground resistence to the Party. Winston starts spending more and more time in the proles district of town, which would be suspicious if any of the Party’s members caught him down there. Winston starts up an affair with another one his co-workers, Julie. O’Brien invites both of them to join the Brotherhood, but only to find out that there is no Brotherhood and O’Brien only did this to convict them of Thought Crime. They are both separated then brought to the Ministry of Love and held captive. Winston is tortured repeatedly as they try to break him down with the idea that once they break the rebelliousness in him and make him love the Party, they will then kill him. Winston is released then a few months later is shot by the Party.


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  2005.10.19  06.46

“Down these Mean Streets” is the story of Piri Thomas, a young Hispanic boy growing up in Spanish Harlem in the 1950’s. As a child Piri constantly trys to make his father proud so he can at elast feel as though his father loves him. Piri looks for acceptance and approval from everyone. Piri has darker skin tham the rest of his siblings and doesn’t feel like he fits in. During his adolescence, everyone mistakes him for being black, and lots of the times he is discriminated again based on this. When his father has to move them into a predominantly white neighborhood, Piri feels he has to prove himself to neighborhood bullies. They constantly try to scare him or keep him in check. Only when one of there own gives a cheap shot do they realize that Piri has heart. Then again his parents move to Long Island where he feels different set apart from the rest of the kids because of his skin color. He decides to leave home and live on the streets of his old neighborhood. Pirir tries to go in for jobs, bt has trouble because of his skin color. Piri decides to go down south so he can experience the true racism that goes on down there. Piri also gets really into using heavy drugs like pot and heroine. Piri also shoots a cop, but doesn’t realize that it’s a cop, landing Piri in jail for 6 years. While at Sing Sing and Constock, Piri can’t wait to get out. H starts to realize thing about himself


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  2005.10.10  20.47
But I'm a cheerleader=funny as hell

Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks!


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  2005.10.10  19.01

I am going through a regression. Last year and 2 years ago was so much better. I have all of these memories of things from a while ago that we're very fullfilling, and I've been taken part of things I use to do then but stopped for some unknown reason. I've become way less analytical, and just stopped being so emotional about everything. I had a really good day today, and I'm listening to all these favorite bands I use to love but haven't listened to recently. I really can't wait for next year at college, meeting intresting people who have very diverse intrest excites me for some reason.


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  2005.10.02  12.07

I was suppose to go to the football game friday, but ended up just staying home, then yesterday Richard came over and we snuck over to the Rec Room in the west village and watched re-runs of America's Next Top Model, then we walked to the mall and chilled there for a while. On the walk home we went over Lydie's house and she played us songs on her guitar and sung for us, then we walked back to my house and just chilled and watched television. Today we're going to the Big E, should be fun. Can't wait till next weekend, SATs and then homecoming dance, fun fun fun. call my cell today 985-1955


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  2005.09.26  20.12

If you love fashion, join

title or description


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